sore «sr, sohr», adjective, sor|er, sor|est, noun, adverb.
1. causing sharp or continuous pain; painful; aching; smarting; tender: »

a sore finger.

2. sad; sorrowful or grieving; distressed: »

The suffering of the poor makes her heart sore. Why speak I vain words to a heart still sore With sudden death of happiness? (William Morris).

3. Figurative. easily angered or offended; irritable; touchy. SYNONYM(S): sensitive.
4. Informal, Figurative. offended; angered; vexed: »

He is sore at missing the game.

5. Figurative. causing pain, misery, anger, or offense; vexing: »

Their defeat is a sore subject with the members of the team.

6. severe; distressing: »

Your going away is a sore grief to us. For want of money the poor family was in sore need.

1. a painful place on the body where the skin or flesh is infected, broken, or bruised.
2. Figurative. a cause of pain, sorrow, sadness, anger, or offense. SYNONYM(S): affliction.
Archaic. in a sore manner.
[Old English sār]
sore´ly, adverb.
sore´ness, noun.

Useful english dictionary. 2012.

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